Donna Salviati

IMG_0451Vocals, Percussion

Donna grew up in a very large family that spent part of almost every Sunday singing with her brothers/sisters, aunts/uncles and cousins.  She is no stranger to lush and full harmonies.  Between her mom, who loved folk and country music and her dad, who loved musical theater, jazz and opera and her older siblings who introduced her to pop and rock music, Donna has a fondness for ALL musical styles.  She started her professional singing career at the age of 19.   She spent the next 20 years performing all over New England as a “wedding singer” with various bands like “Generation” “White Satin” “Emerald” and “Carousel.”  In the 1980’s she had her first taste of club singing with “The Classics Show Band” along with local musicians Gardner Berry, Lisa Guyer,  Andy Verdi, Bill Marchant , Tom Smith and the late Chris Hitchcock.  After a brief break from public performance Donna had the opportunity to fill in for 7 months with “Rhythm Coalition” and developed a friendship with saxophone player Mark Belanger.  In 2001, Mark asked Donna to join “The Souled Out Show Band” and continued her longest commitment to a performing group, 13 years.  Donna now enjoys sharing the stage with the members of “The Voice” along with her new husband (October 2013), keyboard player Andy Verdi.

“As much as I enjoy singing lead, I’m fonder of blending my voice in songs with really great harmonies. Performing with The Voice allows me to do just that. ”


In between gigs, Donna teaches music at a local middle school, sharing her love of performing with New Hampshire’s youth.